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School Software CDR      

Interactive Multimedia Arabic Lessons

for Beginners


Published by ArabicSP Software

9 Parklands View - Swansea - UK (Tel: +44 (0)1792 519 119)


Learn Arabic




Suitable for Beginners & ideal for Children







. " My over all opinion on this product is It is the best in the market... " .

- Ali Atti, France

Why Buy:- Arabic School Software
  • There is no software Title/Program similar to it!, Try it and you would love it!

  • Suitable for Beginners and Ideal for Children!

  • Speaks Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) called Fusha in Arabic.

  • Low price to buy, But with high standard!

  • 5 Years of hard work is in the software. ArabicSP Software established 1999

  • FREE unlimited support.

  • You own the product, no renewals.

  • No Tax Added

  • Schools, Arabic and Islamic centres use it!, These are some of the schools uses ArabicSP:

  • The Dearborn Academy School - USA

  • Emirates National School - United Arab Emirates

  • Facultad de Estudios Andalusies Andalucia/Spain

  • and many Arabic and Islamic Centres across the world

Learn Arabic - Arabic & Islamic Educational Products

Learn Arabic - Learning Arabic - Arabic Learning Software - Arabic Language - Arabic Software - Arabic Online - Arabic CD ROM
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